Welcome to Joergen Geerds Photography. I am an award-winning Art Director and photographer and I specialize in architectural and interior photography (in addition to fine art panoramas), with emphasis on showing context with the help of hyper-wide views or virtual reality applications (VRs). Every image is stitched from multiple source images, to achieve the desired perspective and outstanding image quality.

The advantage of a high resolution panoramic shot is multifaceted: multiple regular wide angle views (up to 135 degrees horizontal and vertically are reasonable) can be rendered or extracted in very high resolution from the original panorama, in addition to hyper-wide views, between 180 and 360 degrees, as you can see mostly on this website. The other advantage of stitching is the ability to add or subtract people and other moving objects without much trouble. The same technique can be applied to eliminate obstructions, like lamp post.

The jump to a multi-resolution VRs is a short one. By applying the latest html-embedded and Flash-based panorama player, it is easily possible to let the user explore an environment without having to worry about plugin issues, web traffic, download size etc… it simply works and implementation is a piece of cake. Simply select the “VR” category on the right and explore for yourself. You can use the shift and apple/command key or your scroll wheel to zoom in and out. I currently advocate the krpano.com player, which has a plethora of features, and even more exciting new features down the line.

Please feel free to contact me for quotes, RFPs, comments or general questions.

I am available for projects world-wide, and promise the best quality with a fast turn-around.

You can also check out my other websites, newyorkpanorama.com, where I blog about all my ongoing projects, and luminous-newyork.com, my large sized fine art and limited edition panorama selection.